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As it continues to snow today, we are reminded that winter is still here! And while it’s tempting to curl up on the couch and not come out until May, many couples are braving the chilly weather to tie the knot in style. After all, is there a more dramatic backdrop than snow capped peaks? […]

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. And it just makes sense that you want your four-legged best friend to be a part of it! More and more couples are including dogs in their wedding celebrations and we can’t get enough! But whether your give your pooch a seat of […]

Even with the rise of the wedding website, brides are choosing to include paper wedding programs on their big day. And there is a big reason this stationery staple has stayed on top. The program is the road map of your ceremony. It notes key players, provides structure, credits vendors, and so much more. That’s the […]

We all know it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, but do you know why? And where does “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” really come from? Prepare yourself for the best (and the worst) with our handy list of the top 13 wedding superstitions. Some of them […]

As I sit down to write this, coffee in hand, I couldn’t be more thankful I’ve procrastinated. I take a sip and glance out the office window. Big, fluffy snowflakes dance and twirl outside and I can’t help but smile. There is something so magical about the first snow. And if our little town didn’t resemble a postcard […]

Marrygrams is there from the moment she says “Yes” to the moment they say “I do!” And even after the final thank you note is sent, our customers keep coming back for more. So just as your new family begins to grow, so does ours. The celebration continues with the launch of our brand new collection, “Then Comes Baby!“ […]

Chances are you’ve been to a wedding or two with a menu that underwhelmed. But yours doesn’t have to! Overcooked chicken breasts and twice baked potatoes are a thing of the past. Follow our tips below to serve up a wedding menu that your guests will be raving about long after the plates are cleared. Establish […]

Summer may be synonymous with weddings, but we couldn’t be more excited for a change in seasons. With a gorgeous blanket of leaves on the ground and a crispness in the air, it’s no wonder more couples are choosing to tie the knot in the fall. And if the romance of the season isn’t enticing enough, we’ve compiled six […]

Every little detail of your wedding day should reflect you and your groom, right down to dessert! And while we love the classic elegance of a tiered tower of buttercream, sometimes cake just doesn’t cut it. Check out our 12 Unique Wedding Cake Alternatives below. Because nobody should have a boring dessert table! #1 – S’mores […]

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the most important things you will do when planning your wedding. Think of your venue as the backbone of your big day. It will help dictate style, size, budget and theme. And whether you are planning a classic country club wedding or nuptials on the beach, each potential wedding […]