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Having a kid friendly wedding? Awesome! Kids at weddings can be so much fun. And let’s face it, is there anything cuter than a toddler in a bow tie? But weddings are also long, and full of boring things like speeches and slow dances that are hard for little ones to sit still through. So […]

It’s hard to remember the last wedding I went to that didn’t have some sort of photo booth. A photo booth gives your guests a break from dancing to take a few silly snaps (and provides a sweet keepsake that doubles as a favor!) Not to mention, this fun wedding trend is the perfect ice breaker. […]

Congratulations! He asked, you said “yes!” and now there is a shiny new ring on your finger! We know it’s tempting to want to dive into wedding planning right away, but there are so many things to do that you’ll find yourself in over your head in no time. So before you start to tackle […]

A suite inspired by fairy tale romance, our Enchanting style is the perfect addition to any happily ever after. With paper goods nestled among long tapered candles and ornate gilded frames we can’t get enough of this dreamy wedding shared by Marrygrams bride, Susan. An Enchanting Marrygrams Wedding The Programs Programs printed on our gorgeous shimmer stock add just […]

It’s wedding season! And with it comes all of the usual etiquette questions and concerns. One of the biggest being the wedding gift. How much do you give? Is it okay to gift money? What if you’re not attending the wedding? Deciding how much to give (especially if you have more than one wedding on […]

There are few moments that I love more than the wedding send off. It’s fun, whimsical, and involves the entire guest list in the celebration. But where does it come from? The wedding send off is a tradition that dates all the way back to ancient Rome. Newlyweds were traditionally “showered” in rice to bring them good […]

Summer’s here and wedding season is in full swing! But just because it’s a popular time to tie the knot doesn’t mean brides aren’t doing all they can to make sure their big day stands out in the crowd. From naked cakes to ceremonies in the round, 2017 is anything but traditional. Ready to be inspired? Check out […]

It happens often, and without any warning. You take off your ring to do the dishes – and just as quickly, it’s gone.  Losing your wedding ring is devastating to any bride, old or new. And the odds that it will happen in your lifetime are actually pretty high. (As our own Stefanie found out just weeks ago). […]

Rose gold is one of those trends that just keeps getting trendier. You can find it on everything from office supplies to the new iPhone. So it’s not surprising that it’s quickly become a wedding powerhouse. Soft, delicate, and oh, so pretty – rose gold is the perfect metallic hue for black tie and backyard weddings alike. Whether […]

There is nothing more romantic than the first look. Your eyes lock, your heart swells and a heady dose of love washes over you. In a moment so powerful, the last thing on your mind is superstition. And for good reason. The tradition of not seeing a bride in her dress before the ceremony actually […]