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14 Must-Have Wedding Signs for Your Big Day

Must Have Wedding Signs Custom Hashtag If You Instagram Sign Deco Style

Custom signs are quickly becoming a wedding day staple. Whether they are cheeky or classic, signs keep your guests in the know on your big day. Having an unplugged wedding? There’s a sign for that! What about an open bar? There’s a sign for that too! What about a dessert bar? You guessed it…there’s even a sign for that! Check out our 14 must have wedding signs for your big day!

At the Welcome

Guest Book

Make sure your guests know where to sign in and leave a note of well wishes! Guest book signs are a great way to eliminate the need for a person at your welcome table. Looking for a fun alternative to the traditional guest book? Have your guests sign custom puzzle pieces upon their arrival!

Puzzle Guest Book Sign for Alternative Guest Book - Wedding Reception Signage - Matching Numbers Available - Wedding Sign SS01
“Without You, Our Puzzle Isn’t Complete… Please Sign a Piece!” Sign Thin Style

Cards & Gifts

Make sure your guests aren’t stuck trying to find the right person to give their gifts to all evening. A sign at your designated cards and gifts table will help avoid any confusion.

Cards & Gifts Sign
“Cards and Gifts” Sign Calligraphy Style

In Loving Memory

Honor loved ones who are no longer with you with a memorial sign. A memorial table with photographs and mementos makes the gesture just a bit sweeter.

In Loving Memory Wedding Reception Table Sign
“In Loving Memory” Sign Whimsical Style

At the Ceremony


If you don’t have somebody in charge of distributing programs, let a sign do the work!

Wedding Program Signs Please Take One Sign
“Programs” Sign Thick Style

Unplugged Wedding

While they mean well, it can be so distracting to have guests attempting to video or photograph a ceremony on their phones. Let them know you would like everybody fully present with an unplugged sign.

Unplugged Wedding Reception Sign "Welcome to our..." Deco Style
“Welcome to our Unplugged Wedding” Sign Deco Style

Seating Plan

 Open seating plan signs are the perfect addition to any casual wedding ceremony. Who needs ushers when you have a custom sign letting your guests know where they should sit?

No Seating Plan or Assigned Seating Sign - Come as You Are -Wedding Ceremony Reception Open Seating Signage - Matching Numbers Avail. - SS06
“Come as you are… no seating plan” Sign Enchanting Style

At the Bar

Open Bar

Get the party started with this fun open bar signage! This is one of our favorite must have wedding signs.

Alcohol Because No Story Started with Salad Wedding Bar Sign - Funny Wedding Open Bar Drinks Signage - Matching Table Numbers - SS03
“Alcohol!” Sign Diagonal Style

Signature Drinks

Are you serving custom cocktails? These gorgeous signs on the bar are the perfect way to advertise the bride and groom’s favorite libations.

Custom His & Hers Signature Cocktails Drink Sign
Custom “Signature Cocktails” Sign Enchanting Style

At the Reception


After your unplugged ceremony, let your guests go Instagram crazy with a custom hashtag! Display a few of these signs around your reception area so you don’t miss any candid dance floor photo shoots. This is another one of our favorite must have wedding signs!

Instagram Sign
Custom Hashtag “If You Instagram” Sign Whimsical Style. Copyright – Brian Leahy Photography.

Dancing Shoes

Dancing in heels can be exhausting. Offer your guests a basket of flip flops to keep them grooving well into the night.

Dancing Shoes Sign - Calligraphy 2
“Dancing Shoes” Sign Calligraphy Style

In the Bathroom

Toiletry baskets in the bathrooms are a sweet way to make sure your guests stay fresh and comfortable. Add a sign to let them know they can help themselves.

You Look Oh So Pretty Now Get Out & Dance! Wedding Reception Bathroom Signage
“Oh-So Pretty” Women’s Restroom Sign Thin Style

At the Send-Off

Reception Thank You

In all of the wedding chaos, you may not be able to say a personal thank you to all of your guests. A thank you sign at your favor table ensures your gratitude does not go unnoticed.

Thin Style Wedding Reception Thank You to Our Family & Friends
Custom “To Our Family and Friends… Thank You” Sign Thin Style


Make sure your guests don’t forget their favors at their tables when they leave. A self serve table by the exit is the perfect way to make sure you didn’t tie all of those little bows in vain!

Wedding Favors Sign Please Take One Table Sign - Reception Signage Calligraphy Style
“Favors” Sign Calligraphy Style

The Grand Exit

Scheduled exits only work if your guests know what time you’re leaving! Post signage for your send-off at the reception so everybody can make sure they have their bubbles or sparklers ready!

Custom Sparklers Sign for Wedding Whimsical Let Love Sparkle Sparkler Send Off Reception Sign Decor
Custom Time “Let Love Sparkle Sparkler Send Off” Sign Whimsical Style

Whichever signs you decide to use at your wedding, Marrygrams has them all. The possibilities (and style options!) are endless, so don’t be afraid to mix and match! Get our must have wedding signs for your big day! And don’t forget to share them with us using the hashtag #marrygrams on Instagram!