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14 Ways to Have the Ultimate Kid Friendly Wedding

kid friendly wedding guide

Having a kid friendly wedding? Awesome! Kids at weddings can be so much fun. And let’s face it, is there anything cuter than a toddler in a bow tie? But weddings are also long, and full of boring things like speeches and slow dances that are hard for little ones to sit still through. So don’t make them! With the right games and activities, the kiddos just might out party the grown ups! Check out our 14 favorite ways to keep your smallest guests entertained all night long, below.

14 Ways to Have the Ultimate Kid Friendly Wedding

1. Ceremony Activity Sheet

Individual activity sheets and crayons make an extra long ceremony, extra fun. Place a basket of mini clipboards with wedding related word searches, coloring pages or MadLibs next to the programs for kids to grab when they get to the ceremony. These boredom busters also double as a great favor!

Pro Tip: There are TONS of free wedding sheet downloads online. Combine a few different activities for optimum entertainment. 

kid friendly wedding activities
Something Turquoise

2. Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for older kids, this game goes on as long as the wedding does! Provide them with a disposable camera and a list of clues with things like “Selfie with the Maid of Honor” to keep them busy from ceremony to send off. And seeing your wedding photographed from their perspective is a treat all its own!

kid friendly wedding game

3. No Grown Ups Allowed! – The Kids’ Table

It wouldn’t be a kid friendly wedding without a kids’ table! Especially when it’s full of treats and games that the grown ups don’t get! Cover the table in butcher paper and include packets of crayons at each place setting so they can doodle while they wait for dinner.

kid friendly wedding table
Dimples and Tangles

4. Bubble Station

Take your bubble station to the next level with different sizes and shapes of wands and colored bubbles. You’ll have a hard time keeping the grown ups from playing too!

kid friendly wedding bubble station
Peninsula Kids

5. Decorate your Own Cupcake Bar

Remember those water color palettes you painted with in elementary school art class? They make great cupcake decorating stations! Provide each kiddo with a plain cupcake surrounded by candy, frosting, and sprinkles and watch the adults look on in envy.

kid friendly wedding cupcake
Sunshine Parties

6. Interactive Centerpieces

Table centerpieces that double as games? Yes, please! Fill a vase with Legos and keep little architects busy for hours.

kid friendly wedding centerpiece
Gemma Clarke Photography

7. Movie & Game Area

If your venue has the space, have a separate kids room or area where they can play games or watch movies while the grown ups party. Bonus points if you provide all the trimmings for a pillow fort!

Pro Tip: Hire a babysitter to keep everything under control so anxious Moms and Dads don’t have to keep checking in. 

kid friendly wedding zone
Jillian Mitchell Photography

8. Music Requests

Set aside a block of time for a kid friendly dance party! Have them give the DJ their own requests and queue up a few old favorites like the Macarena for 20 minutes of groovin’!

kid friendly wedding dancefloor
Del Sol Photography

9. Lawn Games

If your reception is outside, lawn games are the perfect entertainment for kids and grown ups alike. Corn hole, lawn golf, and giant Jenga are sure to be crowd pleasers.

kid friendly wedding lawn game
Deer Pearl Flowers

10. Piñata

Forget what you’ve heard. Piñatas are not just for birthday parties. So let the bride have the first swing, set the kiddos loose and stand back!

kid friendly wedding pinata

11. Card Station

Is there anything sweeter than this card station? The kids can write notes or draw pictures that the bride and groom will cherish for years to come.

kid friendly wedding activities
Wilkie Blog

12. Kid Specific Entertainment

If budget allows, consider hiring some outside entertainment to keep the kids busy away from the main event. A magician, clown, or caricaturist all make excellent options.

kid friendly wedding magician

13. Arts and Crafts Station

An arts and crafts station at the reception is the perfect treat for kids who are tired of dancing or are feeling antsy. Pile it high with modeling clay, pipe cleaners, markers, glitter, and other craft supplies that will keep imaginations going well into the night.

kid friendly wedding craft table

14. Kids Only Favors

As an extra special ending, give out personalized kids favors that are different from the grown up ones.

Did you have other activities at your kid friendly wedding? Share them with us on Instagram @marrygrams! And don’t forget your custom signs, favor tags, and menus for the big day!