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Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings: Trends We Love

Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful diamond engagement ring. They’re romantic, durable and timeless. But we are also loving the way modern brides are rocking unique gemstones on their ring finger. Because sometimes you just want something a little different. And diamond alternative engagement rings are very much on trend. From opals to sapphires, there is no shortage of gorgeous options to adorn your hand. Check out some of our favorites below!

Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings


Also known as a “lucky stone”, aquamarines are a stunning choice for alternative engagement rings. They have crisp clarity giving them an expensive look without actually breaking the bank. And that soft blue hue will compliment the hand of any bride.

diamond alternative engagement ring aquamarine
Trumpet & Horn


Typically a blue semi-precious stone – you can also find sapphires in peach, pink, white, yellow and green hues. They also cost about 1/3 what a diamond of a similar size would, making them a great substitute, especially if you’re after a larger stone.

diamond alternative engagement rings sapphire
Katie Stoops Photography


Emeralds are making their way back into modern jewelry with bold settings and an updated cut. These green precious stones are perfect for the bride who isn’t afraid to play with color.

emerald alternative engagement ring
Trumpet & Horn


The ruby is romantic, elegant, and reminiscent of a fairy tale princess – making it a perfect diamond alternative! Because of their rich, red tone and precious quality, rubies may end up costing significantly more than a diamond would. But is there any better investment than true love?

alternative engagement ring ruby
Tara Lynn Photography


Opals are a popular choice among modern brides for their vintage look and one of a kind quality. No two opals are the same and there are many varieties of color and texture to choose from. Be careful though! Opals are fairly soft on the Mohs scale – requiring more care and maintenance than a harder stone.

diamond alternative engagement ring opal
S. Kind & Co.


A favorite gemstone among boho brides, tourmaline usually has 2-3 different colors all swirling together in one stone. It’s green and “watermelon” varieties are popular for alternative engagement rings.

diamond alternative engagement rings tourmaline
S. Kind & Co.


For the Ultra Violet loving bride – consider an amethyst ring. Pair with a halo of small white diamonds for a look that is truly stunning.

diamond alternative engagement ring amethyst


Vintage, iconic and delicate, pearls are a popular choice for a diamond alternative. They are soft though, and will likely need to be replaced several times throughout the life of your band. But as they are relatively inexpensive this shouldn’t stop you from choosing one.

diamond alternative engagement ring pearl


Turquoise engagement rings are a modern twist on an old classic. Pair a matte stone with a halo or cushion of sparkling gems for a ring that is unique, bold and beautiful.

diamond alternative engagement ring turquoise
Trumpet & Horn


Morganite is one of the most popular alternative engagement rings. This blush stone is feminine, sparkly, and oh-so chic. Any bride would love to wear this beautiful gem on their finger.

diamond alternative engagement ring morganite
LaMore Design

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