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Wedding Proposal Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of – Part 2

Engagement season is upon us once again! The months from November to February always see the biggest spike in wedding proposals. And as the days get cooler and everyone starts to cozy up with friends and family, it’s not hard to see why this time of year brings out one’s inner romantic. It’s also safe to say there is no shortage of unique proposal ideas floating around on the internet. So if you’re looking to pop the question this holiday season (or if you just need a good happy cry) draw your inspiration right here! And after they say “yes!” don’t forget to share your moment with us on Instagram! We can’t wait to be a part of your happily ever after.

(And for even more romance, check out Part 1 here!)

Even More Proposal Ideas

Roller Coaster of Emotions

Searching for an adrenaline rush? Look no further! Roller coaster proposals are the epitome of surprise, especially when the recipient doesn’t know they’re being proposed to until the souvenir photo is purchased. Just make sure the bride-to-be sits up front!

proposal ideas roller coaster engagement

Photo Booth Fun

The element of surprise is alive and well in this fun photo booth proposal. And there’s no need to hire a photographer, because you’ve already got one! Just make sure you remember to buy a few extra copies for your friends and family who couldn’t squeeze in there with you.

unique proposal idea wedding photo booth

Deck the Halls

Decorating the tree is always a holiday favorite. So save an extra special ornament for last and start your forever with a memento that will hang on your tree year after year.

proposal idea christmas tree ornament

A Family Affair

There’s strength in numbers, right? So enlist the whole family when you’re planning your proposal. Whether they’re holding signs, dancing, or just watching with love, having the whole clan to celebrate with is truly magical.

unique proposal ideas family

Nintendo & Chill

For the Player 1 just searching for their Player 2, this proposal is as unique as it is adorkable.

unique proposal idea gamer

A Pizza my Heart

This one takes the slice for cheesiest proposal. Turn a casual dinner at home into the best night ever with a fancy bottle of wine, a custom pizza box, and a diamond she won’t be expecting.

proposal ideas pizza night funny

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The best part about going to baseball games are the Cracker Jacks right? And everyone knows the best part about Cracker Jacks are the prizes! So sneak her ring in the bag and you’ll have one of those truly unique proposal ideas people will be stealing for years to come.

marriage proposal idea baseball

Gone Fishin’

A custom engraved fishing lure is sure to get a “yes!” from your outdoorsy fiance to be. Sneak it into the tackle box or offer to tie it on her line, ring and all.

wedding proposal idea fishing lure

Quali-Tea Time

There’s a surprise hiding in the bottom of this cup of tea, and it’s not just the dregs! This sweet and simple proposal is perfect for popping the question in a more intimate setting. Just you, her, and her favorite brew. She’ll never want to use another mug again.

unique proposal idea cup of tea

Fresh Coat of Paint

In the midst of building your first home together? Or just ready for a fresh coat of paint in your bedroom? Turn a Saturday full of chores into her most favorite memory by painting your proposal on the walls for her to find. She’ll never see it coming.

unique proposal idea paint

Flying High

Is there a more romantic proposal than popping the question mid hot air balloon ride?! Pack a surprise bottle of champagne to toast in the clouds after she says “Yes!”

unique wedding proposal

Ain’t No Mountain

Usually the reward for a hike is the view from the top – but on this occasion there’s a bonus prize! The custom sweatshirt just adds to the cuteness factor.

proposal ideas mountain top

Dream Come True

Last but not least, this sweet proposal takes thoughtful to a whole new altitude. And all it took was the right bit of inspiration. So when April learned that her girlfriend, Am, wanted to learn how to fly an airplane, she immediately started planning. A few months later under the guise of a birthday surprise, and on the date of Am’s very first scheduled flight, she popped the question! Talk about a moment you’ll never forget.

proposal ideas airplane

Which of these proposal ideas has you reaching for the tissues? Or did you do something totally unique for your own big moment? Share it with us! And remember, elaborate proposals are fun, but however you decide to pop the question will be perfect for you. So don’t stress about the details and go with your heart. After all, you know your partner better than anyone. ❤️