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How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

engagement ring selfie

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t fallen into an Instagram wormhole when it comes to the ring selfie. In our digital age, posting a snap of your new bling is the perfect way to let the world know you’re off the market. With a few caveats, of course. First, don’t “officially” announce your engagement via social media post. You still need to call all of your closest friends and family members, or break the news in person. We know it’s tempting to share that photo immediately. But your engagement is too special of a moment to rush through just to get those likes.

And second, you’re going to want to take some time to set up your shot. Because a grainy image in the low light of the restaurant is not going to do that rock justice. The key to a great ring selfie is bright, natural light. If going outside is not an option, try to take your photo near a window. The better your light source, the sharper your image is going to be. And we all know the key to any selfie is to take a bunch of shots. So experiment! Play around with different angles to see which complements your ring the best. And skip the flash. All it will do is distort the light in your final image.

Once you’ve found your ring’s good side it’s time to treat yourself…to a manicure! If there was ever an excuse for some pampering, this is it. So pick your favorite polish and give your hands a spa day. They’re going to be in the spotlight for the next few weeks as your news breaks.

Now it’s time to take your shot. Your hands are looking great, you know how you want to showcase your ring, and you’re ready to share it with the world! Or not? If you’re still searching for inspiration, check out these stunning ring selfie poses below. And don’t forget to share your own with us on Instagram using #marrygrams!

The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie – Get Inspired!

Ready for Her Closeup

Let your ring do the talking (sparkling?) with a close up. Keep your face and hand relaxed so that the ring remains the focal point of your image.

engagement ring selfie - close up
Bona Drag Boutique

To Have and To Hold

If you don’t have time to hit the salon, holding hands is a beautiful way to show off your ring, and not your hangnails. Keep your grip loose and relaxed for a lovely, natural looking photo.

engagement ring selfie holding hands

Pinky Promise

We’re not crying, you are! How adorable is this pinky promise ring selfie?

engagement ring selfie pinky promise

(Life) Partner in Crime

We love ring selfies that star your hubby to be. Even out of focus, his joy takes the tone of your photo to a whole new level.

engagement ring selfie
Huffington Post

Espresso Yourself

Did he pop the question over a cup of your favorite java? This ring selfie idea is perfect for the coffee shop haunting couple.

engagement ring selfie coffee
Esra Tugce Gulebay Ayırıcı

On Location

If you’re lucky enough to say yes with a background like this – make sure you snap a few ring selfies after.

engagement ring selfie travel
Caitlin Rose Warner

Phone It In

It’s a ring selfie, of a selfie, of a ring selfie! Or is it the other way around…? Either way, we love it.

ring selfie engagement phone photo

They Call it Puppy Love

Include your *other* best friends in your social media announcement. Because people love puppies. And ring selfies.

Say Cheese

Sometimes the perfect ring selfie is just that…a selfie!

engagement ring selfie
Alexis Prater

Whimsical and Unexpected

Stage your selfie with a unique background like this bride. The pastels match her manicure perfectly but don’t distract from that lovely ring.

ring selfie
Angela Gamba Hanks

However you snap it, the ring selfie is a trend that is here to stay. So get creative and make it your own. And congratulations! We’re excited to celebrate every step of your engagement with you.

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