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20 Fun & Creative Wedding Send Off Ideas

20 Fun & Creative Wedding Send Off Ideas

There are few moments that I love more than the wedding send off. It’s fun, whimsical, and involves the entire guest list in the celebration. But where does it come from? The wedding send off is a tradition that dates all the way back to ancient Rome. Newlyweds were traditionally “showered” in rice to bring them good fortune and fertility. So it’s no wonder it’s still such a common nuptial practice. But what if you’re not looking to add to your family any time soon? Or you just want to toss something that you wouldn’t find in your pantry? Look no further! We’ve found 20 great wedding send off ideas to make your grand exit even grander.

20 Fun & Creative Wedding Send Off Ideas

1. Glitter

For the bride who loves to sparkle! Handfuls of over-sized glitter add an element of glamour to any wedding send off.

glitter wedding send off
Aisle Perfect

2. Snow

No winter wonderland wedding would be complete without a snow send off! If you don’t feel like freezing and being pelted with the real stuff (we don’t blame you) give your guests fake flurries to toss.

snow wedding send off
Simple Color

3. Pom-Poms

Cute, soft, and oh-so quirky! Pom-poms add the perfect texture and pop of color to your wedding send off.

pompom wedding send off
Vanessa Joy Photography

4. Flower Petals

Tossing petals isn’t just for the flower girl! A flower petal send off is delicate and classic.

flower petal wedding send off
Brett Heidebrecht Photography

5. Leaves

Autumn leaves are meant to be thrown anyway, right? Indulge your inner child and dance down the aisle in a shower of gold and red.

leaves wedding send off
For the Love of It

6. Confetti

Bright colors and fun shapes make confetti the perfect ‘rice alternative.’

confetti wedding send off

7. Mini Beach Balls

The cherry on top of the perfect beach wedding. Plus, these adorable beach balls can double as favors!

beach ball wedding send off
Elaine Palladino Photography

9. Glow Sticks

Let love glow with this unique wedding send off.

glow stick send off
Blink of an Eye Photography

10. Bubbles

An oldie, but a goodie. The bubble wedding send off is still a crowd pleaser.

Bubble Wedding Send Off
Wilke Blog

11. Balloons

Send well wishes for the couple up into the atmosphere with an array of colorful balloons!

balloon wedding send off

12. Lanterns

Light the night with a wedding send off fit for a princess.

lantern wedding send off

13. Lavender Buds

Sweetly scented and eco-friendly, lavender buds are nature’s confetti.

Lavendar Wedding Send Off
Guimauve Photographies

14. Paper Airplanes

This funky paper airplane send off is perfect for an Air Force couple or a travel themed wedding.

paper airplane wedding send off
Corbin Gurkin Photography

15. Sprinkles

It doesn’t get any sweeter than a rainbow sprinkle toss! Just make sure your littler guests don’t eat them all before the big send off.

 sprinkle wedding send off

16. Birdseed

Perhaps the easiest one to clean up, since the birds will do it for you! This eco friendly option is a popular replacement for rice.

birdseed wedding send off
Gather West Photography

17. Ribbons

Ribbon wands are a whimsical alternative to having things tossed in the air. Minimal cleanup and maximum fun.

ribbon wand wedding send off
Jill Facer Photography

18. Noisemakers

Be sent off in a symphony of sound! Provide noisemakers in your wedding colors as favors for your guests.

noisemaker wedding send off
Green Wedding Shoes

19. Herbs

Fresh, bright, and no clean up. Herbs make your wedding send off green AND fragrant.

herb wedding send off
Vicki Grafton Photography

20. Sparklers

And last but not least, sparklers. This is a favorite of ours for so many reasons. It creates incredible photographs, and is a ton of fun for your guests. Go the extra mile with gorgeous shimmer sparkler tags from Marrygrams for a wedding send off for the record books.

sparkler wedding send off
Brandy Angel Photography