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Wedding Flowers – The Symbolism Hiding in Your Bouquet

The flowers you hold when you walk down the aisle are more than just a pretty bunch of blooms. The symbolism of flowers dates back centuries, and each holds it’s own special meaning. In fact, many brides will pay close attention to this when they are designing their bouquets and floral arrangements. After all, you don’t want flowers known for heartbreak walking you down the aisle! We’ve compiled some of the most popular wedding flowers found in a bridal bouquet, and their meanings, below. If there was ever a time to stop and smell the roses, this is it!

Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Meaning

Calla Lily

Symbolizes: Purity, Faithfulness, Innocence

Named for the Greek word for “beautiful,” calla lilies are one of the most popular wedding flowers. They come in a variety of shades, but white is the most common, making them the perfect match for a bride!

wedding flowers calla lily


Symbolizes:  Romance, Prosperity, A Happy Marriage, Compassion

These lush and fragrant blooms ooze fairy tale romance. And given that they represent a long and happy marriage it’s no surprise that they are a bridal favorite.

wedding flowers peony

Baby’s Breath

Symbolizes: Unity, Innocence, Spirituality, Long Lasting Love

There’s a reason these tiny white flowers are tucked in almost every wedding bouquet you see. They are the poster child for a long and happy romance, and they’re sweet enough to hold on their own or as an accent.

wedding flowers baby's breath

Queen Anne’s Lace

Symbolizes: Sanctuary, Delicate Femininity

Actually the top of wild carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace is one of the few wedding flowers you could eat after the ceremony! The delicate lace-like pattern of this flower make it a popular filler in a wide variety of bouquets.

wedding flowers queen anne's lace


Symbolizes: Playfulness, Sincerity, Sorrow (purple varieties)

Color is also an important factor to consider when creating your bouquet. While the hyacinth is a beautiful and durable flower, the deep purple hued varieties are a common symbol of sadness. So it’s best to keep it to whites and pinks if you’re including it in your wedding flowers.

wedding flowers hyacinth


Symbolizes: Motherly Love, Distinction, Fascination

Carnations are a popular flower to dye yourself, so if you can’t find a shade you love it’s easy to create one! Because of their symbol of motherly love they are also a popular flower for the bride’s mom to wear as a corsage.

wedding flowers carnation


Symbolizes: Loyalty, Longevity, Intelligence, Happiness

Sunflowers are easily one of the happiest flowers, just look at them! Their bright blooms are the perfect accessory to your late summer or early fall nuptials.

wedding flowers sunflower


Symbolizes: Refinement, Elegance, Grace

These sweet smelling buds add the most delicate touch to any bouquet. Plus you’ll be holding an aromatherapy bundle to help melt away any pre-ceremony stress.

wedding flowers lavender


Symbolizes: Strength, Diversity, Courage, Hope

A popular choice for tropical weddings, this Protea is almost an entire bouquet all by itself!

wedding flowers protea


Symbolizes: Dignity, Elegance, Everlasting Bond

With big feathery petals Dahlia’s exude fairy tale romance. And their symbol of a strong, everlasting bond makes them a perfect choice for your wedding.

wedding flower dahlia


Symbolizes: First Love, Tranquility, Confidence, Passion

The quintessential sign of spring is a lilac bush in full bloom. Carry these ultra fragrant blooms for a comforting sense of calm and confidence.

lilac wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Constancy, Sincerity

More commonly known as Grape Hyacinth, these sweet little purple flowers add the most delightful texture to any bouquet.

muscari wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Rebirth, New Beginnings, Hope

Celebrate your own new beginning with these happy yellow blossoms and you’ll always have a marriage full of hope and promise.

daffodil wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Charm, Attraction

It’s no wonder these pretty ombre spirals are a symbol of attraction. They look like a sunset in flower form!

Ranunculus wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Optimism, Joy, Longevity

Carrying a bouquet of chrysanthemums is like carrying a bundle of fireworks down the aisle. And they come in a wide range of colors so they’re great for any time of the year!

Chrysanthemum wedding flowers

Sweet Pea

Symbolizes: Bliss, Pleasure, Happy Goodbye

Goodbyes don’t have to be sad! This delicate bloom is a symbol of wedded bliss as you bid your old life farewell to make space for the new.

sweet pea wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Hospitality, Abundance, Welcome

Popular for tropical and domestic destinations alike. This sweet symbol of hospitality is often found in hotel suites as a gesture of welcome. Create your own bouquet or leave them for your guests and you’re sure to have a home that is always ready for visitors.

Anthurium wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Gratitude, Understanding, Abundance

If a compassionate marriage is what you’re after consider adding a few bunches of hydrangea to your bouquet. Bonus points if they double as your something blue!

Hydrangea wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Affection, Goodness, Endurance

For long lasting affection a bunch of zinnias are the perfect choice to accompany you down the aisle.

zinnia wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Sleep, Peace, Fertility, Death (red varieties)

Poppies have a wide variety of meanings, but as long as you avoid vibrant crimson colored ones they make a great addition to any bouquet. (Especially if you want to add to your family with little ones right away!)

wedding flowers poppy


Symbolizes: Motherhood, Innocence, Friendship, New Beginnings

It is often said that daisies are the friendliest flower, making them a popular choice for your bridal party bouquets!

wedding flowers daisy


Symbolizes: Nobility, Dignity, Pride

A favorite at southern weddings, magnolias are a truly elegant accompaniment.

magnolia wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Charm, Graciousness, Strength

For the bride who lights up every room with her quick wit and grace, snapdragons add texture you just can’t get from any other flower.

snapdragon wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Innocence, Trust, Friendship

If you consider your partner to also be your best friend, then freesias are the flower for you!

wedding flowers freesia


Symbolizes: True Love

Tulips, like roses have different meanings for each color. But at the core they are a symbol of true, everlasting love so you really can’t go wrong.

wedding flowers tulip


Symbolizes: Purity, Love, Refinement

White blooms for a white dress! Gardenia’s are a flower of taste and refinement, perfect for an elegant cathedral wedding.

gardenia wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Humility and Devotion

Hopelessly devoted to your betrothed? Consider a cascading combination of tiger and calla lilies to carry down the aisle.

wedding flowers lillies


Symbolizes: Love, Luxury, Beauty

There is something so elegant and timeless about a bouquet of orchids. Any bride who carries them will radiate love and beauty.

wedding flowers orchid


Symbolizes: Happy Marriage, Desire to Travel

These sweet little white flowers should be on every bride’s shortlist. Because who doesn’t want a happy marriage full of grand adventures?

Stephanotis wedding flowers


Symbolizes: Enduring Passion, Enthusiasm, Desire, Friendship, Joy

Of course we couldn’t create this list without mentioning the powerhouse wedding flower. With so many varieties and colors to choose from it’s no surprise that roses remain the most popular bouquet. Perfect on their own or tucked in among a whole garden of blooms, you really can’t go wrong with these sweet smelling beauties.

roses wedding flowers

Really, there’s not a bad bloom in the bunch. So pick the wedding flowers that speak to your own goals for your marriage and have some fun with different textures. And share your beautiful bouquets with us on Instagram using #marrygrams! We love to see all of the little details from your big day!